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Message from Circus Circus
Written by Doak Walker   

Circus Circus Reno welcoms you all for the2013 Reunion. Thisyear will be slightly different than years pase as we have created a new hospitality room called the Casino Ballroom. This 2,800 sq. ft. hospitality rooms comes with the option of having music of choice as well  as a complimentary setup for food, fun and friends. For added convenience and appreciation for your organization, we are also upgrading every room to our North Tower Deluxe (a $20.00value per night) at no additional cost. This tower is near the front desk and casino amenities so there will be plenty of entertainment for everone! In case you have been our resort in the past and have stayed in the Sky Tower, the North Toweer is a completely different experience that I am sure that you will enjoy

Please contact our Reservations Department at 1-800-648-5010 and mention the booking code: IALASKAe

Last Updated ( Monday, 25 March 2013 )
Reunion Shirts
Written by Doak Walker   

Below is the embroidery logo for the upcoming reunion. The shirts are collared polo shirts and will be selling
for $30.00. We have a limited amount ordered. If you are interested in obtaining a shirt you can e-mail me at
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   and indicate the size and we will have one reserved for you. Behind the lighthouse is the
Reno skyline.

reunion shirts

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 January 2013 )
Written by Doak Walker   


The reunion will be held from Sunday 19 May to Wednesday 22 May 2013 at the Circus Circue Reno Hotel?Casino, NV at 300 north Sierra Street.
        The Dinner will be in the PM on Wednesday 22 May 2013


Telephone Reservations:
Reservations will be telephoned directly to Hotel Reservation Department at 1-800-648-5010. In order to  receive the group rate, callers MUST identify their affiliation with Alaska/Bering Sea Patrol/All Coast Guard Ships Reunion. Rates cannot be changed at check-in or check-out for guest who fail to identify their affiliation at the time the reservations is made. The daily room rate is $49.70 which includes all taxes. These rates are good from Friday 17 May to Thursday 23 May. You can also make reservations by clicking on the link below.
April 25th 2013 is the last day that hotel will accept guest room/suite reservations. All registration forms should be sent to Doak Walker, , address on resristration form, before 1 April as he will be leaving and heading south, so your information will not get to him.  

 Online Reservations:


Resort Fee:
The hotel resort fee is currently $4.99 plus tax. The following resort fee inclusions will be available for guest to enjoy.

Wireless internet in all guest rooms.
Unlimited local calls.
Valet and self parking.
Airport shuttle to and from the Reno-Tahoe International Aport.
In room coffee.
Access to hotel fitness center.
Online airline check-in and boarding pass print out..
10% off listed prices in the hotel Business center.
$55.00 in Circus Circus Reno Funbucks coupons.

All attendees that make their guestroom reservations under the Alaska/Bering Sea Patrol/All Coast Guard Ships will receive a VIP Special. These VIP Specials include the following apecial amenities:
Two (2) free drink coupons redeemable at any Casino Floor Bar..
Four (4) one time ten percent (10%) discount at the Circue Circus Reno restaurant.
$5.00 Casino Match Play coupon.

Early registration is enouraged. However, if for some reason you have to cancel you have up to 48 hours to cancel and get a return on your money.


The circle tour takes you on a secenic drive from Reno into California to the famous Donner Memorial State Park. Here you will have the opportunity to view a dramatic short film about the plight of the group and to visit the small historical museum, which further elaborates on this tragic story. Included in the museum are displays and information about one of the earliest pioneer wagon trains, the Donner Party, forced by circumstances to camp at the east end of Donner Lake in the winter of 1846-47, resulting in human suffering and loss of life.

Next, visit the old railroad town of Truckee. Here you will have time to do a little shopping. You will find a variety of gallleries, gift shops and other specialty stores, many of which are located in historic buildings, many of these strufctures have been renovated and date as far back as the 1860's.
Your next destination is Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Olympics. You will have the opportunity to take some incredible pictures of this beautiful area and visit their speciality shops.
From Squaw Valley, you will travel along the beautiful North Shore of Lake Tahoe, driving through numerous small communities, built along the shoreline. You will stop at one of the beaches along North Shore to enjoy your box lunch. You will also pass by the famous old Cal-Neva Casino & Hotel, once owned by Frank Sinatra and a favorite destination for many of his notorious and famous friends.

Your Tour Guide will give you the history of the area as you travel along the most beautiful landscaping area around Lake Tahoe returning to Reno along the Mount Rose


Lake Tahoe is truly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The lake is situated in what is aptly called "The Tahoe Basin" surrounded by dramatic Sierra Navada Mountains and thousands of acres of National Forests. During the picturesque tour , you will continually be assaulted with what many visitors, and locals alike, call "Sensory Overload" You will journey through thig mountain passes before dropping down to the lake's basin, which is 6,200 feet in elevation. Yur knowledgable private "Tour Guide" will provide you with fascinating facts about the area's history, culture and geology.

Once you arrive at the marina, you will board a replica of an historic paddlewheel boat, many of which plied the waters of the lake as public transportation, long beofre paved roads were built. Once on board and undereay, much of the cruise is narrated and you will hear some of the colorful stories about life around the lake during past times. You will also, have the opportunity to view a video about what is going on under the surface of the lake, where there are shipwrecks and unusual creatures and plants.

At a designated time and location on-board, you will be served a delightful dinner, also there will be live music and dancing for the all, while viewing the beaftiful seting. You may even wish to visit the open deck for a totally unobstructed view.
Upon completion of this resful and infamative cruise you will again board your motorcoach and return to
Reno - taking the route along the lake - plassing through Incline Village and over Mount Rose Highway returning to your hotel.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 January 2013 )
2013 Reunion attendees
Written by Doak Walker   

Adie, Klaus - Minnetonka
Amundson, Kenneth -Wachusett, Winona
Anderson, Darryl - Minnetonka
Arakel, Bob - Storis
Avilla, Steve - Gresham, Iroquois, Buttonwood, Matagorda, Nettle, Ewing, Sagebrush
Barker, Keith -Minnetonka
Bauer, Dennis - Minnetonka
Bell, Dan - Jarvis, Pt Harris, Pt Verde, Bluebell
Bishop, Kenneth - Storis
Bonnett, Bill K - Mendota
Braund, John - Sebago, Boutwell, Mackinaw
Brewer, Doug - Minnetonka, Jarvis, Buttonwood, File
Bryson, Dan- Arundel, Nettle, Blackhaw, Dogwood, Blackthorn,Ojiba, CG65024
Bush, Hal - Northwind
Cearley, Lee T. - Cook Inlet, Jarvis
Clark, John D - Minnetonka, Chase, Midgett
Clink, Robert - Forster
Cole, Frank - Guest
Collins, Robert - Unimak, Bibb, Owasco, Taney
Congrove, Dennis - Klamath, Wachusett
Crowley, Thomas - Wachusett, Winona
Cutler, Ron - Minnetonka
De Lair, Jerry - Escanaba, Taney, Owasco, Winona, Mellon, Sedge
Derwey, Daniel - Confidence, Fir, Cuttyhunk
Eliason, Myron - Chautauqua
Erlandson, Dennis - Minnetonka, Cape Higgon, Tupelo, Sedge, Rush
Farrell, Jim - Pontchartrain
Filippi, Bob - Pontchartrain, Minnetonka
Foster, George - Winnebago, Alert, CG83320
Frost, Leonard "Frosty" - USS Yorktown, USS Hancock, USS Bennington, USS Ranger, CG65608, Minnetonka, Venturous, Tupelo, Sweetbrier, Sorrel, Burton Island
Fitschen, Randy - Rush
Gabik, Koral - Minnetonka
Gagos, Roger - Minnetonka
Gibler, Jim -Magnolia, Taney, Sebago, Owasco, Gallatin, Clover, Rush
Gregory, Joseph M - Blackhaw, CG95334, CG82331, Cape newagen, Cape Jelison
Groseclose, Tom - Minnetonka, Point Stuart
Haigh, Ron - Mallow, Bennett
Hart, Jim - Balsam, Pontchartrain, Minnetonka, Point Divide, Point Evans, Point Stuart
Haynes, David - Mallow, Basswood, Winona, Chautauqua, Northwind, Polar Star, Point Sal
Hedgpeth, Ernest W - Edisto, Escanaba, Winona, Bering Strait, Falgout, CG83523, Fir, Blackthorn, Diligence
Hilden, Gerald L - Taney, CG83378
Horn, Alan - Minnetonka
Hooks, Terrill - Minnetonka
Hunt, John - Duane, Castle Rock
Hunter, Jack - Minnetonka, Jarvis
Hutton, Clyde - Sebago, Owasco, Heather, Pontchartrain, Bibb, Winnebago, Rockaway, Planetree
Johnson, Carl - Modoc, Fir, Klamath, Mackinaw, Clover
Johnston, Cliff - Rockaway, Magnolia
Jones, Jerry D - Avoyel, Burton Island, Minnetonka, Pontchartrain, Walnut, Hollyhock
Juge, Dick - Storis, Sebago, Duane
Lasky, Jack - Rush
Kelley, Brian - 255's, 311's,327;s
King, Bill - Chautauqua, CG95304
Konecny, Joseph - Klamath, Androscoggin, Dauntless, Campbell, Staten Island
Koontz, Fred - Storis, Yocona
Kunz, Ron - Wachusett,Balsom, Edisto, Mackinaw
Lemon, Jerry W - Minnetonka, Winnebago, Campbell, Rush
Leventini, Ted - Waschusett
Lorenz, William - Planetree, Mackinaw, Winnebago, Basswood
Lumibao, Roger - Sherman, Rush
MacDonald, John P - Baataria, Sorrell, Northwind
Meyer, Harry - Storis
Malig, Ruben R - Unimak, Sebago, Nettle, Kukui, CG95326, Avoyel, Mackinaw
Miller, Larry - Blackhaw
Miltier, Jim - Jarvis
Moran, John D - Chincoteague,Jarvis, Owasco
Morris, Rodneyh G - Chautauqua, Blackhaw, CG95302, CG82315
Neihardt, Sam - Minnetonka
Nichols, John - Willow, Taney
Nicholson, Ray - Bering Strait
Nolan, Don "Red" - Northwind, Winnebago, Unimak
Novak, Joseph - Planetree
Nylen,John D - Sagebrush, Jarvis, Boutwell
O'Hara, William - Owasco, Halfmoon
Olson, Richard - Pontchartrain
Orton, Richard - Wachusett
Patton, Roy - Klamath, Munro, Gallatin
Peden, Pat - Sedge, Ingham
Perkins, Richard - Bering Strait, Ivy
Petruso, Dan - Winnebago
Rawson, Dennie - Pontchartrain
Schmer, Gerald - USS Los Angeles, USS St Paul, Northwind, Hamilton, Mellon, Sherman, Cook Inlet, Boutwell
Schmitzer III, Charles - Storis
Schwaab, Sandy - Ojibwa, Mellon, Eagle, Cape Cross
Shrader, William "Bill" - Sweetbrier, Dexter, Spencer, Matagorda
Skala, William F. - Glacier
Smith, Wayne W - Minnetonka, Pontchartrain, Morris, Heather, CG83450, Point Bridge
Spiegel, Jack - Chautauqua, Sorrel, Travis, Nemesis  
Spoor, Kennith J - Minnetonka
Staples, George - Matagorda, Snohomish, Basswood
Stewart, Thomas - Klamath, Mallow, Duane, Bibb
Stone,Tim - Taney, Pontchartrain, Minnetonka, Androscoggin, CG95312, Yocona, Burton Island, Clover, Confidence, Active
Travis, James H - Minnetonka
Tucker, Thomas - Storis
Upton, Clair - Storis, Campbell, Sweetbrier
Vale, Philip -Comanche, Magnolia, USS Monticello AP61
Valek, Bryce - Yakutat, Mendota, Bibb, Munroe
Van Horsen, Peter - Chautauqua, Taney, Storis
Van Valkenburgh, Rick - Minnetonka, Gresham, Ingham, Midgett
Walker, Doak - Pontchartrain, Bering Strait, Blackhaw, Winnebago, Chautauqua, Mellon
White, Gene - Sebago, Dependable
Williams, David T -
Williams, Ron - Minnetonka
Williams, Willy - Mendota, Androscoggin, Owasco, Ingham, Bering Strait, Planetree, Lilac, Violet
Wilton,Hugh - Minnetonka, Sherman
Woodall, James (Woody) -Chincotgeague, Sweetgum
Wyckoff, Ken - Owasco

Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 May 2013 )